Unique Population Registry Code (RENAPO - CURP) - Mexico

Lets integrate Unique Population Registry Code (RENAPO - CURP) - Mexico in your system. First, get your Apitude API key, then send a POST request to Apitude... And that's it!.

Get API Access
That POST request should return the following

    "message": "Request processed successfully",
    "url": "/api/v1.0/requests/adeudos-mx/e0606c19-a32d-410f-b2eb-d57a665677bc/",
    "request_id": "e0606c19-a32d-410f-b2eb-d57a665677bc"
This response will contains a unique request ID that you should poll using a GET as follows
How does the response looks like?

   "result": {
      "data": {
         "clean": false,
         "debts": [
               "year": 2022,
               "status": "NO PAGADA"
               "year": 2021,
               "status": "NO PAGADA"
         "found": true,
         "license_plate": "354-NYH",
         "fotocivicas_score": 10,
         "environmental_sanctions": [],
         "vehicle_circulation_card": {
            "date": "2007-04-29",
            "status": "VENCIDA"
         "unpaid_traffic_violations": [
               "date": "2018-05-11",
               "amount": "10 UNIDADES DE CUENTA",
               "reason": "ARTICULO: 8 , FRACCION: I , PARRAFO: 2 , INCISO",
               "status": "NO PAGADA",
               "invoice": "04184268621"
      "error": "",
      "end_at": "2023-01-30 21:54:06.453355",
      "status": 200,
      "message": "successful",
      "queried_by": "YOUR-USER",
      "service_name": "adeudos-mx"
   "message": "Request completed"
Ok, but what does each field in that JSON means?
The general parts:

  • message:The message is an Apitude generated string with an informational text about the request.
  • result:The result is contains the main part of the request.
  • result.error:The error is a string generated by apitude for the request if everything worked it will be blank.
  • result.message:The message is a string with two options successful or unsuccessful depending of how your request finished.
  • result.queried_by:The queried_by field is a string that lets you know what user started the request.
  • result.end_at:The end_at field is a string formatted date that lets you know at what time the request ended in Apitude.
  • result.service_name:The service_name field is a string that echos the service called. For this service it will always be adeudos-mx.
  • result.status:The status field is a integer that represents whether the service returned data from the input sent in the request. It could be one of the following values:
    • 200: The service returned response data for the payload that was sent in the creation of the request.
    • 404: The service did not returned data for the payload that was sent in the creation of the request.
    • 400: The service did not started because your input was invalid.
    • 500: Apitude tried to execute your request, however the service Apitude uses to execute your request was down. Please wait some time and try again, Apitude will not charged you for requests with this code.

    Depending on the service, you want it to return different codes. For example, if you are checking the user against a security list to whitelist the user you should look for a 404, because a 200 would mean the user is in fact in the list. Other cases however, like creating objects in the name of a user you want the code to be 200, since it will imply the creation was a success.

The data in the response:

Please refer to the official docs of this service online to find out more about what data is returned.

About this service

This service allows obtaining, through API, all the information related to a vehicle license plate in Mexico. This API receives the vehicle license plate and returns the information on debts, infractions, sanctions and Vehicle Circulation Card recorded in the Secretary of Administration and Finance of the Government of Mexico City. This information can be used to obtain the debits of possession of the plate, the description of the pending infractions not paid, the environmental sanctions, the current points of the Photocivics and the information of the validity of the license and card of circulation.

Who can you query using this service?:

This service (adeudos-mx) is available for you to query individuals only.

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